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Anand Gupte


RESUME in Plain Text

As the enclosed resume indicates, I am sure that my experience and education will meet the requirements of your company. I have worked in various civil and architectural companies for many years. I have used the PC extensively for architectural and engineering works as the new technology emerged. So, I learned to use programs such as AutoCad, MicroStation, Lotus 1 2 3, MS Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint on my job. I also use FrontPage and PhotoShop for creating fancy web pages.

I am trained in PeopleSoft Tools I, II and PeopleCode 7.5, Oracle 7.3, Data Modeling and SQL,PL/SQL programming. I have performed development, modification of complex SQR reports and customization PeopleSoft panels for Human Resources. Since June 1998, I have been working on A.R.M.S. Project of the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH as developer/programmer.

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