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I think...

There are so many things we can talk about. Many times we compare ourselves with our friends and others and when we find ourselves less than some body we are then jealous of such a person. So I have a simple solution for this. When I find that one of my friend is more intelligent than me and then I feel that soon I will be jealous of him. So, I should compare myself with Albert Einstein instead of him. This way, immediately I upgraded my self in better position. So I will be jealous of Albert Einstein and nobody else as far as intelligence is concerned. Similarly I should be jealous of Bill Gates and nobody else as far as wealth is concerned. So I will be never jealous of any body whom I know because nobody is close even to these great personalities.

Another thing comes to my mind: When things go wrong as in case of Murphy's law, we are worried and w hen things go really bad we are very much depressed. If I am in a such a terrible situation I think that I should compare my situation with the situation of the greatest warrior Arjuna. Even though Lord Krishna was his friend and savior, Arjun had to face the greatest hardships and humiliation. As soon as I think in this way, my terrible situation becomes bearable.

Now the greatest question for me: These are just my thoughts and there is no action from me. So I could not get rid of jealousy and when things go really bad I am very much depressed from time to time. So help me GOD.

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