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First of all let us pray to Lord Ganesha. Now the story about Satya Narayan starts as follows: Shounik and other sages lived in Naimisha forest along with Maharshi (the great sage) Sut. Maharshi Sut had told the Puranas (ancient history of the land) to the public some time before. It is said that one who knows Puranas knows every thing in life. Therefore, Shaunuk and other sages asked Maharshi Sut, "Please tell us about what type of worship or what type of practice we should follow in order to achieve what we desire." So, Maharshi Sut replied, " Once Narad Muni asked this very same question to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu replied to him. So, I will tell you the same (reply) to you. So, listen very carefully."

Once Narad Muni came to this Earth while visiting many other worlds. He saw many people were suffering from many causes as a result of their past conduct or behavior. Narada wanted to reduce their suffering and he also wanted to have them salvation. So, He traveled to another world which is known as Vishnu Loka (where Lord Vishnu resides.)

Narada Muni saw Lord Vishnu who had a shankha (conch), a chakra (disk), a gada (a club or a mace) and padma (a lotus flower) in his four hands and a garland around his neck. Then Narada Muni started to praise Lord Vishnu and said, "Oh. Lord Vishnu, nobody can think or imagine about how you are. You are the strongest and ultimate in strength. You do not have any positions and conditions such as beginning or end. Nor you are in between these positions or conditions. Even before the beginning of this Universe you existed without any attributes (so that we can describe You.) And when this Universe came into existence you assumed all three qualities. You are the root cause of everything. You destroy the miseries of your devotees. This is how you are and so I pray to you."

After listening to this praise by Narada Muni, Lord Vishnu said. "Narada, why did you come here? What is in your mind? I will explain it to you if you tell me every thing." Then Narada said, "Here on this Earth people are born in different species as a result of their good or bad deeds and they have to face different types of sufferings in their life. "Narada continued to say, "Oh Lord, If you are happy with me please show me the simple way to get rid of all sufferings which these people are facing." The Lord answered, "Narada, you have asked a very good question for the benefit of the mankind. I like you. And, that is the only reason I will tell you what type of vrata (practice) or pooja (worship) to follow as nobody from heaven or from the earth knows about this pooja . This pooja gives benefit of many good deeds. So, listen to me. A person will enjoy all the happiness in this world all the time and attain the blissful salvation when this (Satyanarayan) pooja will be performed in proper manner."

After listening to Lord Vishnu, Narada asked him " Oh, Vishnu! Explain this pooja to me completely. What is the result of this pooja? What is the proper way of doing this pooja? And, who has done this pooja in the past?"

Then the Lord answered to Narada, " This pooja ends the sorrows and sufferings and increases the wealth. This pooja also brings good luck and success and blesses (the performer) with many children. This is the result of pooja. This pooja for Satyanarayan should be performed in the evening after sunset with complete devotion and faith. Fruits such as banana, milk, butter, sugar and cream of wheat or the substitutes in one and one quarter unit should be offered to Satyanarayana with complete devotion. The stories about Satyanarayana should be listened to with relatives and friends. Also the priest who reads this Satyanarayan story should be honored with gifts. Then food should be served to the relatives and friends including the priest. Then music and dance should be arranged in front of Satyanarayana. This is all about pooja which should be performed in the temple and you should return home with the thoughts about Satyanarayana. You may perform this pooja in your home. All the wishes and desires are fulfilled when the pooja is performed with devotion as instructed. This is the only easy and simple way to end the sufferings in this world"

This is the end of the first chapter of Satyanarayana story from the part called REVA of the epic book of SKANDHAPURANA. Praise be to Shree Vishnu.




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