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Maharshi Sut continues:

Sadhu Vani gave gifts to the Brahmins and took their blessings in order to avoid any mishaps on way home. He went to his city with his son-in-law. Lord Satyanarayan appeared in a dress of a monk with a stick in his hand as soon as Sadhu Vani went little further up. He wanted to test Sadhu Vani so, Lord Satyanarayan asked him, "What is in your boat?" Intoxicated with their wealth the two merchants said, "Hay Monk with the stick! you want to take our coins and other things? But, our boat is full of leaves and sea weeds etc. (so nothing you can take from us!)" After listening to this arrogant answer, the Lord Satyanarayan said, "So will it be as you said."

Afterwards, Sadhu Vani did his other business and went where his boat was. He was surprised to see his boat floating way up due to light weight. He fainted when he saw his boat full of leaves and sea weeds. Afterwards he regained consciousness. He started to think. Then his son-in-law said, "Sir, why do you feel so sorry? This is due to the curse of the monk with the stick. There is no doubt that this monk can do any thing here. So, let us surrender to him. Then, whatever we wish will be fulfilled."

After listening to his son-in-law, Sadhu Vani went to see the monk and said to him, "Sir, forgive me for my crimes of whatever I said to you." Then he bowed to the monk again and again as he was very sorry. Satyanarayan in the monk's disguise saw him full of sorrow and said, " Do not be sorry. Listen to what I say. You drifted away from my pooja. So, I punished you with bad luck again and again." After listening to this Sadhu vani praised Satyanarayan and said, "Brahma and other gods are under your influence and it is surprising that they also cannot understand you and your qualities such as your form, appearance etc. I am also under your influence and I am such a fool! How can I understand you. So protect me. I wish to have my wealth back." With this praise, Satyanarayan was pleased with him and gave him what he wished.

Sadhu Vani saw his boat full of wealth. He said, "My wishes are fulfilled with the grace of Satyanarayan only." Then he did the pooja with his men. With the grace of Satyanarayan he was very happy and anchored his boat in the river and went to see the city. Then he said to his son-in-aw, "Look, this is Ratnapur, my city." Then he sent home one of his servants who were guarding his wealth in the boat. His servant went to the city and saw Sadhu Vani's wife. With folded hands as a mark of respect, the servant said to her what she wanted to hear. He said, "Sadhu Vani is here in the city with his men and his son-in-law. He has also lot of wealth." She was very happy to listen to the servant and told her daughter to do pooja for Satyanarayan, while she is going to see her husband. She also said she will be returning soon. The daughter listened to the mother and did the pooja. But, she did not receive the prasad and she also went to see her husband. This made Satyanarayan very angry and sank the boat with the wealth and her husband. So, Kalavati did not see her husband. She was very sorry and fainted on the ground. Sadhu vani saw the capsized boat and also his daughter fainted and so he was sad. He was very frightened and started to wander with the boatmen. Then Lilavati saw her daughter's condition and was very sad. She cried and said to her husband, "How is it possible that the boat with their son-in-law disappeared in a short while? Which God has cursed ? Who can understand the greatness of Satyanarayan? Is Satyanarayan angry?" And, she held her daughter near her and started to cry with sorrow. As she thought that she lost her husband, she decided to burn herself to death with her husband's sandals in her hands (as per the custom of the time).

Sadhu Vani saw what happened in the life of his wife and daughter and was very upset. He thought, "Under the influence of Satyanarayan I am confused and Satyanarayan sank the boat." Then he called all the people and declared that he will do the pooja for Satyanarayan if all his wishes are fulfilled and prayed to Satyanarayan again and again.

That time Satyanarayan who protects and takes care of all the unfortunates was pleased with him. Satyanarayan who loves his devotees spoke from the sky, "Your daughter's husband disappeared because she refused the prasad and went to see him. If she goes home and eats the prasad she will get her husband back. There is no doubt about it." Kalavati heard this voice from the sky and went home to eat the prasad. And when she went back to the docks on the river she saw her husband with men. Kalavati said to her father, "Let us go home without any delay."

Sadhu Vani was very happy to listen to his daughter. And he did the complete pooja for Satyanarayan. He went home with his relatives and wealth. He did pooja for Satyanarayan every month on full moon day and on Sankrant day and then he was happy in this world and at the end he went to Satyanarayan's abode.

This is the end of the fourth chapter of Satyanarayana story from the part called REVA of the epic book of SKANDHAPURANA. Praise be to Shree Vishnu.





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